For households and companies, a professional waste management system is available

WeGreen Services has collected, transported, and selectively sorted household garbage for private persons and businesses to the waste disposal center (Ökihof) in the Canton of Zug and numerous nearby towns since 2021. Our garbage pickup service is quite effective! You can also hire us to transport your belongings for you. WeGreen adjusts to your demands, whether it’s a one-time or frequent visit, by providing a tailored service and collecting your recyclable garbage once, twice, or multiple times a month, depending on your needs.

Give your old furniture, clothes, and shoes a new lease on life! We give away. We can also remove furniture from your basement or garage, as well as unique things such as your old sofa or washing machine. Our waste collection service manages all aspects of your company’s logistics (whether it’s a doctor’s office, a construction site, or an entire building). We take care of everything from A to Z.

We want to contribute to environmental conservation with our collection service, mainly by lowering the number of vehicles on the road and encouraging garbage reduction and reuse.

To protect the earth, our actions must above all be in harmony with nature and the environment.



Our leadership focuses on improving resource value while minimizing — or maybe eliminating — environmental damage for both our economy and the ecosystem to thrive.

Driven By Our Commitments, Controlled By Our Values

Our ideals boil down to this in the most basic terms: Do the right thing. This notion sets the norm for our fundamental commitments and core beliefs, as well as guiding our daily activities and decisions according to the right method.

Company Impact

We are delighted to cooperate with local and national organizations that share our enthusiasm for improving our communities and the environment. We operate throughout the Canton of Zug and nearby areas. It takes minor energy to reuse and recycle resources than it does to create the same item from scratch.

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Community Impact

We’re a corporation that thinks internationally while acting locally. We make a real difference in the areas we serve through investments, events, charitable contributions, and other activities. People are more likely to join together and hold each other accountable when recycling. Recycling paper instead of manufacturing new paper goods from raw resources saves 65 per cent of energy. We can lower our greenhouse gas emissions by reducing our energy consumption.

Employee Impact

Our business is environmental solutions, but our heart and soul is people. Whether our employees or the communities we serve, we’re always thinking about how our actions will affect our neighbours.

WeGreen Services

Social Impact


We’re doing far more than just talking the talk when it comes to establishing a sway. We’re golf-shot people trying to make a name for ourselves on the bottom. More importantly, we’re laying the foundation for future generations to lead the sustainability movement.

We provide the easiest living environment for purchasers, employees, stakeholders, and others to ensure that our neighbourhoods are robust and property. We accomplish this through assisting native initiatives that are crucial to the well-being of the communities we serve.

Why Chose Us?

    • Because of the simple collection, more recyclable materials wind up in the sorting process.
    • Additional recyclable items can be received and recycled thanks to our strong network.
    • Many tonnes of precious materials are saved due to the high recycling rate.
    • Right now, we’re assisting friends and neighbours with recycling.
    • An eco-friendly strategy
    • There will be no lines at the disposal points during your essential leisure time.
    • Time-saving and worry-free: We handle the transportation of your garbage and its correct disposal in the Zug municipalities’ Eco-points (Ökihof), and we work with Zeba to do it responsibly and effectively.
    • There will be no big loads allowed up to the environmental points.
    • Clear the enclosure regularly
    • Flexibility & Simplicity
    • Discount price for IV persons
    • Assistance for people who have limited mobility
    • Subscriptions can be changed at any time.
    • In the event of an absence, a passage is postponed or cancelled.

Our Team

Steva Ndjemena WeGreen Services

Steva Ndjemena



Patrik Tschümperlin


Mustafa Ulaş Taban
Mustafa Ulaş Taban
I had amazing experience with the company. They are on time, professional and happy :) highly recommended anyone who needs furniture or garbage removal service.
Danie McVeigh
Danie McVeigh
Very happy with WeGreen Services. Answered for a quote quickly, easily organised collection, and picked up our items as requested I highly recommend them!
Judit Kren
Judit Kren
Super efficient! I am very pleased with the service provided :)
Madalina Manoiu
Madalina Manoiu
I had a very positive experience with the services provided by WeGreenServices- outstanding services offered with great professionalism, warm attitude and an amazing customer centric attitude. I highly recommended this company.
Imogen McInnes
Imogen McInnes
I am so happy to now subscribe to this service. We had our first collection today and they have made me feel light and free and we now have a cellar which we can walk in without tripping over recycling 😁
Pradeep Ponnuswamy
Pradeep Ponnuswamy
I had an amazing experience with WeGreen. I had requested their services to clean out my storage room as I have been storing all potential recyclables for almost 10 months including IKEA boxes, plastic and other odd items. The communication and service is top notch. I am a big fan of recycling businesses and I felt excited like a kid on a candy treat to talk to Steva and Patrick who came to pick up the items. They are super friendly and speak English which makes it easy for me considering I am learning Deutsch. The pricing was very reasonable considering the other option I would have to go which would be renting a van, drop off at a recycling place. Why stress over simple things when WeGreen can make recycling easy...
Tania van Wyk
Tania van Wyk
Thank you WeGreen for taking care of our biggest headache - how to efficiently remove and dispose of big household items. You did the job with a smile and such enthusiasm! Will definitely make use of your service again.
Marina F
Marina F
Trusted, precise company, they work super efficiently and they explain you everything detailed, if you are new in the neighbourhood. Very helpful, I highly recommend! Amazing service, makes the life easier!
Kimberly Sigworth
Kimberly Sigworth
We had a great experience with WeGreen. We had amassed an overwhelming amount of recycling, more than could fit in our car. They did a one time pick up and came promptly and removed all of the recycling. Their customer service was also very responsive by email and helpful. Now we will use the service monthly! Highly recommend!