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How to Recycle: Follow These Rules to Recycle Properly:

  • Recycle clean bottles, cans, paper, and cardboard.
  •  Pack recyclables separately in the waste bags
  • Cardboard and paper can be tied or placed in a cardboard bag/box.
  • In addition to the 4 plastic bags, a bag with clothes & shoes can also be pickup
  • Keep food and liquid out of your recycling bin.

It is simple being #green. Here’s a look at what’s in store for you once you get WeGreen household waste pickup and transport services.



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WeGreen Services

Free WGS Waste Bags Delivery*

Your WGS bag reflects a commitment to property while adding a touch of design — and it’s delivered free of charge. Creating an account setup? We got it. With WeGreen you can manage services online with just a few clicks.


No Annual Contract Obligation

Life is busy, therefore you must relish flexibility wherever you’ll notice it. At WGS, you’ll get residential pick-up and waste transportation services with no yearly contract obligation.


Safety and trust

Our vehicles are driven by members of your community who have been trained to the very best standards. They are at the forefront of building trust through responsible actions and honest relationships. We are committed to respecting our social and physical environment. Safety first, always.


No more need to go to the eco point!

Home Waste Pickup

*Incl.Clothes & Shoes
Waste and recycling solutions for your home. Sustainability starts at home. With WeGreen, you can be sure your materials will be collected safely and on-time — and most importantly — handled the right way for the environment.

Waste collection

Make someone's life sweeter

Everything I really want for you is Stress free and time saving.
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Homeowners Associations

Keep your neighborhood looking great with consistent waste pickups and personalized service. We understand that ensuring your community is a great place to live is your main concern. When you let WGS handle your community’s waste and recycling, you’ll know you’re getting a partner that can ensure the things your residents throw out are taken care of reliably and responsibly.



Property Management

Whether it’s hotels, apartments, duplexes, or single-family homes, we’ll take care of the waste so you can take care of your property. Property management requires teamwork. With WeGreen Services on your side, you’ll be able to run your properties more efficiently while keeping your tenants happy.

WeGreen property waste management