Everything, everything that is dry waste and recyclable materials suitable for recycling is collected separately in a labeled waste bag. Please make sure to separate glass bottles (color sorted), cardboard boxes, PET, aluminum... to be separated...You can find further details on our Abonnement page or give us a call +41 41 521 04 74.

It is possible to change an existing subscription at any given time - e.g., if you need more pick-ups. The best way is to contact us by phone on +41 41 521 04 74 or send us a message.

At any end of the chosen term, you can cancel your subscription. You send us the cancellation in writing by post to We Green Services GmbH, Chamerstrasse 172, and 6300 Zug. If you have any questions about the duration of your subscription, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at +41 41 521 04 74.

At any time, you can suspend the collection. An unneeded pick-up can be canceled free of charge up to 24 hours before the appointment. If you need an alternative collection date, call us at +41 41 521 04 74.

Please notify our driver when you need new bags. The driver will put a roll in your mailbox or your apartment or house or call us at +41 41 521 04 74.

We will send you a notification by e-mail. You can pay conveniently via online banking, online payment via Twint, Credit card, or at the post office counters. Note: any paper invoice sent is subject to some fees. So please notify us if you need your invoice to be sent by post

The materials you provide are delivered to the Ökihöf-Eco point in Zug and deposited separately.

Unless otherwise agreed with us, our driver will be waiting for your waste bags and other rubbish at the front door on private property. Please make sure that the bags are NOT placed on public property. If this is not possible for you, you can note this on your registration or contact us at any time and we can collect directly from your home or office.

Yes, this is possible. Would you please send us the numbers you would like us to send an SMS, Whatsapp reminder? It makes sense if, for example, two partners are to be informed, for shared flats, companies, etc.

We treat up to 4 bags per pick-up as a guideline, as long as you do not deviate from this limit during your pick-up period. If you regularly need more bags, you can always order additional bags at CHF 2 incl. VAT. Please stick the adhesive of the respective waste fraction on the bag. Attention: only the transparent bags from WeGreen are accepted!

After prior consultation, we can take good not in the bags. If you are unsure, please get in touch with us briefly. Voluminous and light materials can be placed with the bags by appointment. Special collections for bulky goods and various other items can be arranged on request.

Both Private and Business customers can increase their weekly = [pick up the frequency, or alter their container quantity or sizes. We Green offers flexible solutions tailored to our business customer's budgetary and environmental needs. Please write us " CONTACT US" to find ways to change your services.

WeGreen branded, eco-friendly merchandise are available via our SHOP.
Check out the store and find what you are looking for now!

If you need to request an Extra Pickup service before your next service day you can notify us via CONTACT US. Note: We will respond to inquiries within 2 business days. Please include details of what needs to be a pickup in the comments section of the service form. Charges will be applied depending on the service.

Congratulations on your move! Depending on your situation, there are a few steps you need to take to ensure we suspend, resume, or cancel your services when you need them

To Transfer Your Service 

Note: All service holds must be requested at least one (1) business day in advance. Customers cannot schedule a service hold after the date has occurred. Restrictions apply. Service holds are not available in all areas.

To Cancel Your Service
To cancel service with WeGreen Services, please Contact Us via Email or Phone. Please have your Customer ID, and service address ready.

Note: Cancelling service before the end of a contract may result in early termination charges or removal charges depending on the area and type of atonement you have.

To Request New Service:
If you are not a WeGreen customer and would like to receive trash and recycling services from us, please visit Abonnement – WeGreen Services for more information.

No, you cannot. But we offer a possibility to pay in several monthly installments, please notify us via CONTACT US  after you made your order.

Note: We will respond to inquiries within 2 business days. Please include details of the number of instalments you wish to make in the comments section of the service form. SOME CHARGES may apply.